Backend/Infrastructure Engineer (Go)

Job description

At HelpDocs we build knowledge base software that helps companies of all sizes scale their support. We serve over 170 million pages a month for Fortune 100 companies down to fledgling 2-people-in-a-garden-shed startups (true story).


We're making knowledge bases (traditionally dull and unloved) into something you actually want to update. One that helps to reduce churn and increase customer happiness.


We're a remote, bootstrapped, profitable team that's growing fast. All organically with (almost) zero paid advertising spend.


As a Backend/Infrastructure Engineer on the Product team at HelpDocs you'll work directly with the founders (who are also engineers) and the Customer Education team to plan, build, and ship product that our customers will love.


About the role

The main responsibilities of the role are:

  • Build new APIs for internal and customer use
    • Write backend APIs for users in Go
    • Maintain and write new microservices in Go and NodeJS to enhance the HelpDocs service. We run several microservices already for things like PDF generation and SSL certificates.
    • Integrate our APIs with third parties to add functionality
    • Interact with our Postgres, Elasticsearch, and Redis databases
  • Plan and manage infrastructure
    • Deploy to and manage our staging and production Kubernetes clusters in Google Cloud
    • Write and maintain nginx and Docker config
    • Help other members of the Product team plan and manage new k8s services and infrastructure
  • Deploy to production multiple times a day
    • Create, review, and merge your PRs (and those of others) in Github
    • Interact with our Git repos in the command line

As we're a small team you'll need to be comfortable helping out in other areas sometimes too. We don't expect you to have experience in, be an expert at, or even have an interest in all these things. But here's the general responsibilities that we need to cover as a team:

  • Create user-facing features for customers and internal users
    • Write frontend user-facing features in React (with Hooks and Context)
    • Enhance our in-house text editor with new features that make our users' writing experience easier
    • Improve our first-party integrations and plugins with services like Front, Intercom, Doorbell, and Google Chrome
    • Maintain and develop user-facing libraries in plain 'ol Javascript
    • Build new knowledge base themes in Handlebars (and support old ones in Jade)
  • Stay close to customers and design the future of HelpDocs
    • Respond to technical customer questions in chat and email
    • Resolve technical customer support issues with internal tools and by interacting directly with our databases
    • Build internal tooling to help the Customer Education team effectively support our users
    • Work with the Customer Education team to understand user pain points and frustration
    • Help design the roadmap and choose what you work on next

About HelpDocs

  • You'll be working directly with the founders (we're pretty awesome, so that's a perk 😇).
  • We're bootstrapped, profitable and remote. You'll get to learn how all that works.
  • Transparent internal metrics and goals. We'll share (nearly) everything with you from day 1.
  • The whole team is friendly, approachable, and inclusive to all.
  • 1-2 team retreats a year. We're currently planning our fourth team retreat for early 2020. So far we've had retreats in Madrid, Panama and Bangkok.
  • We'll provide whatever software & equipment you need to do your job successfully
  • Flexible vacation policy. Technically we offer 28 days to all employees, but we're not counting. If you need time, take it. Then come back and do great work. 💪
  • It's important to us that you stay healthy. If you're in the UK we'll add you to our private healthcare plan (incl. mental health, dental and vision). Outside the UK we'll give you a monthly stipend toward your own coverage.
  • We'll also give you a discretionary stipend toward a gym membership or anything else you do to keep healthy.

Job requirements

  • You have a personality and you're not afraid to show it. 🦄✨
  • You've coded professionally in Go (ideally) for at least a year full time
  • You have 1+ year full time experience working remotely
  • You have some experience interacting with Kubernetes in production
  • You're fluent (like a native) in English. Bonus points if you speak a second language.
  • You have excellent written communication skills
  • You're compassionate, and understand that all our users are amazing, even if they currently think you're an asshole
  • You're not afraid of getting your hands dirty in different areas of the business
  • You thrive on feedback, positive and negative, and are constantly working to be the best you can be
  • You're happiest working remotely and have been doing so for at least a year. Bonus points if you love to travel.
  • You have right to work in the UK (if you want to be officially employed) or you live literally anywhere else and are happy taking care of your own taxes (you'll be retained as a full-time consultant)
  • You have a passion for helping customers, and are driven to help them succeed.
  • You're ready to work at HelpDocs as your full time gig, and aren't currently studying.

Missing a few things from this list but still think you'd be awesome at the role? We'd love to see your application anyway!

Final Notes

If you're amazing at the role, there's room to grow in your existing role, in the Product team in general, or move to another role entirely. We're pretty flexible.

If you think you'd be a good fit for another open role as well there's no need to apply twice. Just add a note in your application you'd like to be considered for that too.

We're looking for someone to start as soon as possible. If you're a good fit we'll get back to you within a few weeks to schedule a chat on Slack (or team chat software).

Good luck 🤗